Monday, May 24, 2010

Don .. Don ... DON!

Have any of you ever visited the original Merlin's Secret Journal?
That blog stunk.

One good thing came out of it. This and this.

I finally finishe that. Unposted of course.

Now, I bring you the EDITED version of .....

The Drake Father!

Chapter One: Lynx Gazing and Murder

Ronan Drake sat in his dorm waiting for his friends, Cassandra GriffinDreamer and Brian DarkGlade. Ronan had called them. It was a emergency. Finally, they appeared through his door. "Finally!" yelled Ronan. " I just got this letter" He read them the letter.
"Dear Ronan, you may not remember me, But I am your long lost father." He paused, for Brian had something to say. But Ronan, I thought you were a orphan!" said Brian. "I am!" He continued. "I had to give you to Cyrus Drake, for he is my broher, and your uncle." Ronan stared. "CYRUS IS MY UNCLE?!?" Ronan screamed. He continued. "But, since of yeserday, I have heard that Cyrus is dead. So, I must start to raise you as my own child. Meet me in Mythtopolis." "What? Where in the Spiral is Mythopolis?" they asked in unision. Ronan stared at his portrait of his portrait of his favorite animal, the Lynx Gazer. And then he remembered something. When he was a small wizard, Cyrus had told him, "The answer to all your questions lye with the Lynx." He reached for the Lynx. But then something Dark and Evil sounding stopped him. "Halt! Ronan! You are under arrest for atempted murdrer!" said the mysterious stranger.

Chapter Two:

Cassandra is Handy

They screamed as the dark figure got closer. But then they realized it was just their friend, Nicholas DeathBlood, pulling a prank on them. "Man, I got you guys good!"said Nick. "Nick, we don't have time for your pranks. said Ronan. "Why not, old buddy?" asked Nick. "Ronan just got this letter, via owl post" said Cassandra. Ronan read Nick the letter. "Mythopolis?" "Cyrus?" "Father?" "Dude, I think your being punked." suggested Nick. "No way, this is way too serious!" yelled Ronan. "We have to tell HeadMaster Ambrose about this" said Brian. "But Prof. Wu and Him went to visit Mooshu!" screamed Ronan. "Mooshu you say?" asked Cassandra. "Yeah, Hametsu village to be infact." Said Ronan. "Well, this is a conoincedence!" I happenen to have some Teleportation Powder in a can." " I was saving it for farming, but this is important." said Cassandra. "Thanks Cassandra, you rock!" said Ronan. Ronan grabbed the can, sprayed it, and soon the dorm was filled with black smoke. 5 seconds later, they were in Mooshu. "I'll look in Jade Palace, Brian, you go look in Shirataki Village. Cassandra and Nick, You go look in the Tree Of Life." ordered Ronan. "WAIT!" THERE THEY ARE!" yelled Nick. They ran for 5 minutes, but then they lost them. "I thought this might happen, so I brought my broomsticks!" said Cassandra. " Cassanda, you on a roll!" Brian said. Cassandra blushed. (^-^ Oh young love XD)They hopped on, and soon they were flying over Mooshu. "Hey! There they are!" said Ronan. They flew lower and lower until they landed in front of them. "Ah, Ronan, I Have been expecting you." said HeadMaster Ambrose.


*Cassandra, that lil' joke was just A JOKE, but it could make this story more interesting, aka like, more err, violence. So, can I put that in it? If not, just say so.

~Ronan Drake Out ^-^

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not W101 Related But Awesome

You people HAVE to watch this totaly amazing video:

O. o Its Creepy and Awesome at the same time!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Ravenwood Ball! (And my poster)

The Info:

As April fades into May, we have much to be thankful for and lots to celebrate! Next month we will celebrate our 1st birthday!! Thanks to all of you wonderful wizards, we have grown so much! When I started this website last year to chronicle my time playing this really cool wizard game with my kids, I never could have imagined the wonderful outcome. I am so honored to be a part of the most amazing community. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME.
To mark this milestone, I would like to announce the very first Ravenwood Ball! There will be dancing and massive amounts of pure silliness! I invite ALL nominees and current Student Teachers to attend. This will give us a chance to thank the current student teachers as they move on to more challenging roles in the Spiral and to help welcome the new nominees!
Date: Saturday – May 29, 2010
Time: 6PM Central – until…
Location: Ravenwood School of Magical Arts (of course!)
Realm: Vampire Area 1
Please dress accordingly! Break out your best party gear *forget the stats!* and bring your favorite pet! Campaigning IS allowed and welcomed. Tell us why we should vote for you next term!
Do you like goodies? I will be giving away a few special party favors. The prizes are top secret right now but let me assure you they are squee-worthy!

The Poster:


Vote for me!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Blog

Click Here

Percy Jackson Blog ^.^

Dont go crazy there, like, OMG PJO I LOVE PGO OMG


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I might not be posting too much, my internet is working right.

List of things I has done in April:

-Finished Percy Jackson Series (New series ftw)
-Got Percy Jackson: The Ultimate Guide
-Ultimate Guide came with cards!
-I'm thinking of making 2 new blogs, I am creating one right now
-I am gonna write a story with my evil twin, CLAWS

Nails out!