Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One Word.


No, not just one word. I'm completley and utterly sorry to those who I fooled with that STUPID rick roll prank. I know you shall NEVER EVER be able to forgive me. I'm so stupid. I feel like quitting blogging because of that stunt. I'm sorry. Seriously, I dont even know why I pulled that stunt. It was a waste of 15 minutes. Rick Astley better not sue me (xD) If you know me in game. as soon as I log in, I'm going to tell you to read this. I'm completely full of sory-ness (Is that a word?) I know you are going to be *@&#^! off at me whenever you see me, but all I ask is if you can possiblely forgive me. I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

On a completely different story, I'm on Skype. I'm merlin-nails.

~The Sorry Ronan Ravenshard


  1. Sorry all. I took part in it too, and I deserve as much...tourture or whatever you wanna call it as him.

  2. Wait so it was a prank? o: Don't worry, Nails. It'll be fine. I'm not undercover anymore after the war with Amber. It's not that bad, actually. Don't worry :)

  3. Oh wait! Rick Astley was that guy from the Valentines Day movie that trapped you right? Lol he's WEIRD