Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sappy Time!

Alia is seriously inspiring us to do this, LOL.

My Wizard101 Sarter-Story:

It was almost 2 years ago, I was the biggest Harry Potter fan EVAH. I seacher for Wizards, and everything on google. I saw the link to a game called Wizard101. Courious as I am, I clicked it. It looked sort of dull, so I *clicky clickied* the X. The next day, I saw the commerecial. I saw the minotaur, AND-BOOM-ANGUS-RAVEN-EYES-IS-BORN (Around this time I found TFN, and got hooked to that too :-)) I adventured to lvl 9, and then CHRISTMAS-CHRISTMAS-CAME-TO-TOWN! So I quit for a month, then started my official run on Wizard101, this time with Text Chat! I got to level 12 this time. Then, I met the MOST NICEST MOST MOST MOST NICEST person, Pallamas :-). Me and him shared the account, and we chipped in to get a 6 month membership. It ran out in Febuary. I was bored for march, and then I checked Friendly's blog, and saw that Pallamas won, so I got the crowns on Nails, and the rest is history.
Nails out! (That sounds lame, got any idea's for other ending? I might say This post has been scratched by Nails.)

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