Monday, March 8, 2010

Kestrels Party! Be there or DIE!

Copied from Kestrels blog: TO MY BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!


This party is going to be AWESOME. Simply AWESOME. And you know why? Because every devoted reader of this blog, I expect to see there.

Now for the details.

The Shadowthistle Spring Birthday Bash

Where: Kestrel Shadowthistle's house, which is supremely awesome.

There will be a teleport bus 15 minutes before the party officially starts, for those of you attending who are not on my friends list. The teleport bus will be in golem court, Wu realm, area 1. Someone (I'm not sure who, but probably Jessica) will be shouting, "TELEPORT BUS FOR THE PARTY!" or something to that affect, and you can friend them and then teleport when the time comes.

When: Sunday, March 14th, which is my actual birthday, and it also happens to be PI DAY!
4:00 Pacific Time
5:00 Mountain Time
6:00 Central Time
7:00 Eastern Time

What to Expect: Lots of general partying, exploring my house, and meeting and greeting. I expect lots of shouting of "PIE" or "PI" or "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", and lots of hyperness. Bring your coolest pet to show off to everyone, because there might be a pet show. And there might be a nicest outfit contest, so wear something pretty/handsome. I hope there will be some other famous people and bloggers there for all the attendees to meet/dogpile on. We might play truth or dare, we might have some races, we might have some hide and seek, I just don't know. But, what I do know is that this will be the BEST Wizard101 birthday I've ever had (and the first), and I think it's going to be really, really fun. So, please, please come, and feel free to invite everyone on your buddy list too.

See you there!

If you're interested in helping out with the teleport bus, just leave a comment or send an email.

And please, bloggers, it would make my day if you would post about this to spread the word. I want this to be HUGE. wow. SO gonna be there, cause I love pie!


  1. even though the name sounds, i am a w101 player. I can help w/ the teleport bus. I don't have txt chat so i can shout "teleport to me". Just look for matthew spellsword level 41!

  2. I think I just told people to go there, too!