Monday, March 29, 2010

Moshi Monsterz!

Friendly made a MM post, and it got me hooked to the game! Here's my Moshi's Room: If you want, send me a gift! My bonzai tree is so lonely with only 2 friends(Amber Deathsong/boogiewoman and Stingite/Friendly). I noticed something funny on the newest Wandcast! Dustin or David said they finished the same quest as friendly's daught, Amber STARsong, I found that funny. Leave me a message on my pinboard so I know you visited! Also, I got a question for you Moshi-Players! Can you attracht a moshling with this combo: Black Star blossom flower, Pink Magic beans flower, and a Love Berries flower? And which moshling is it?
Thanks, Nails.

1 comment:

  1. I dont think pink magic is in any of the codes I've seen. But if you click on the forums and look under moshling mania on the 1st post is a list of codes for all the moshlings,except the new worldies. But you can find those codes too if you clicky clicky around.
    I thought it was funny that Dustin said my name wrong too. lol no biggie:-)