Friday, March 26, 2010


Hello peoplez of zee spiral and beeyond! I was surfing the web, and found out that my best friend has a blog! Weirdly, his blog name is close to mine. His E-Mail is screwy, so I cant add him, so he'll take over the rest of the post!(Yayz fow bawd gwammah!) Hello people of the spiral and beyond! My name is Pallamas, and I have a blog, as (snicker, why is he called this) Nails has already named, I mean manicured, I mean said. Here it is: Anyway, as (SNICKER!) Nails has said, he's added me as his blogging buddy! He'll post on my blog, and I'll post on his. And, to the 2 D's from, I had an idea for something like the GWC, but I thought yo might think I was copying you guys. So, is it ok for me to make a "council" of my own? Thanks for your time. Now for the random qoute of the day! This is from "Nails", and this was qouted today, said to our math teacher. "Now listen here Mista, if you dont give me back my cheese, I'll let go of the rope!" Don't ask. Later! Pallammas out! Nails here. And what kind of name is Pallamas? I'll explain nails later. And that qoute actually makes sense if you let me explain it. We were playing tug of war, and my teacher took away my cheese stick because I kept pelting my Pal,Lammas, (Get it, Pallamas, Pal,Lammas? No? :P!) So I let go of the rope. If you clicked that link to Pallamas' blog, it'll reveal why I wasnt able to post. So, I'll post from time to time, and so will Mr.Lammas. Naillammas out! (Naillammas is cause we share this blogging account.) P.S. Like the new template? It makes the "Secret journal" look more like a journal, huh? P.s.s. If that "council" works out for Pallammas, I call dibs on being Merlin!

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